Why Us

You come across our site and maybe asking "Why should I get sport tips from Get the Bet rather than someone else?"

... well, here are some pros of our service:


C r e d i b i l i t y Sports betting tipsters verificationservice

Are you affraid of purchasing tips from cheaters?

Our tips are monitored by third non-biased party - MyBigPartner and we got Verification Seal of credibility.

And not only this! Our free tips are published on Bet-Universe.com - of course they should be used more as an inspiration but we want you to have perfect summary. We do not need to modify even our free selections and we do not even want!


E x p e r i e n c e

Even a good tipster without experience can turn into the biggest looser!

Every member of our team is a betting freak since high school and we still work together. We went through abnormal winning - and to be honest - abnormal loosing strikes. We have always got over it and we always will.


P r i c e

Don't you want to pay hundreds Dollars or Euros per month or better... week or few days?

You can get our predictions from as low as 23 $ per month!


B o o k m a k e r s

Is it essential to have tens of accounts in poor bookmakers and worry about your invested money? Of course not!

With our service you need no more than 5 accounts in experienced and safe bookmakers.


S t a k i n g   P l a n

Here is your tip - give me your money and get out! ... That's style of plenty of services but not ours!

Every tip has its recommended stake and every won/lost stake has its recommended application!